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10 Class Card: $120

20 Class Card: $200

Unlimited Monthly: $108

Unlimited Monthly Autopay: $75 + one time enrollment fee of $25

Yogahour Drop-in: $10 (this pricing is for yogahour classes only)


Class cards have a 4 month expiration date. Unlimited monthly has a 1 month expiration date. We do not offer extensions or refunds on packages.



All Levels

This class comprises a flowing sequence of postures with modifications and Welcome Bonuses options for more challenging poses. Appropriate for experienced beginners and advanced students. It’s recommended that you have attended at least six Level I classes.

Level 1

Classes build on the basics with sequences designed to deepen your practice as you progress to more challenging postures.


A slower-paced class focusing on basic alignment principles. Great if you’re brand new to yoga or just want to refine an established practice. (Prenatal students welcome, but please advise instructor before class.)


These classes incorporate props to support you comfortably and help you relax into poses. Suitable for all levels, but especially recommended if you’re a beginner, recovering from injuries, or trying to de-stress.


A meditative practice using seated and reclining poses held for 3 to 5 minutes to release deep connective tissue and quiet the mind. An ideal way to balance more physical practices. Suitable for all levels.

Smash and Dash

Smash and Dash is a 50-minute yoga and myofascial release class designed for athletes and yogis at every level. Increase your range of motion, recover faster, improve your performance, and experience less pain so that you can continue to be active and do what you love to do.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful yoga promotes balance and stability by refining your attention to your bodily sensations, developing your concentration, and increasing your awareness of the mind-body connection. In this class, we’ll move slowly and attentively through postures and end with a 10-15 minute seated meditation, deepening the mental and emotional benefits of the physical practice.


yogahour® offers a balance of form and flow, play and power, that’s ideal for those seeking to get fit and flexible in the context of fun. This class is suitable for the fit beginner without major injuries or limitations.


Classes are faster paced and incorporate a flowing series of challenging postures. Recommended for students with at least 1 year of experience.

Baby & Me

Find your center, relax, and connect with your baby or toddler. Our Baby and Me class focuses on yoga postures and breathing techniques for you, while still allowing you to hold or wear your baby or toddler. Your baby is also welcome to play on the floor as we practice. We may even find some toddlers trying downward dog!

Kids’ Yoga

Our Kids’ Yoga classes give children the tools to combat the stress of school and busy schedules by using mindfulness techniques to manage stress with focused movement,
breathing exercises, and visualization techniques. In addition, classes help to build confidence, self-esteem, flexibility, balance, and strength.

Personalized group classes

Can’t make a regularly scheduled class? Organize a private group class with friends, coworkers, or family members.

Corporate classes

Do you have a conference room that isn’t occupied during lunch or early afternoon? Turn it into a yoga space and provide yourself and your employees yoga at work.


Private classes

Take a class tailored to you.  Whether you’re a beginner wanting to grow in your practice or an advanced practitioner looking to focus on specific postures, the individual attention you’ll receive in a private lesson is ideal for taking your practice to the next level or for learning to modify poses to your needs.


Interested in a private lesson or a personalized group class? Contact me with questions.


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