Rebecca Thurmond Trussell, 500 E-RYT

Rebecca has been naturally drawn to a “yoga” practice all her life, although she’d never heard of moving meditation. As a young adult, she used her morning runs to quiet her mind, to practice being present, and to pray. Her yoga practice began simply—with incorporating sun salutations into her morning routine. After practicing on her own and noting the physical benefits, she wanted to learn more. In 2009 she completed her first 200-hour teacher training. She completed pre-natal yoga teaching certification in 2010, a 300-hour teacher certification in 2013, a 100-hour Body of Light immersion in 2014, and in 2016 completed her second 200-hour training to be a certified Yogahour® instructor. She is currently a student in the Living School at the Center for Action and Contemplation, studying contemplative practices and faith from the Christian mystical tradition.

Taylor Trussell, PhD, 200 E-RYT, 500-RYT


After numerous trips to Asia to study yoga and meditation, Taylor received his first 200-hour teacher training from Himalaya Valley Yoga in India and then taught in Goa, India. After returning to the U.S., Taylor began studying with Noah Mazé, earning his second 200-hour certification in 2015, and his 300-hour certification in 2016. He has also been accepted into Noah’s emissary program. Taylor holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and an M.S. in somatic psychology where his work focuses on the psychotherapeutic benefits of yoga. Taylor’s classes combine a challenging physical practice with alignment principles to foster a deeper awareness and greater focus.

Tara Bott, 200-RYT, RCYT, Mobility|WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist

Tara was drawn to yoga after living with injuries from running and high-intensity workouts for years. Feeling frustrated and tired of being in pain, she decided to try yoga to help heal her body. Little did she know that yoga would help her from the inside out. Tara earned her 200-hr certification at Yoga Selah in 2017 and her RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) certification in 2016. Her love of sports and yoga has led her to pursue further study of the human body and movement. She recently completed “Movement & Mobility 101” with Kelly Starrett.

Erica Rascon, 500-RYT


In a new marriage with a new house, new career venture, and new responsibilities, Erica didn’t have an effective way to manage stress. Her brain refused to shut off at night and her entire body felt tense. Yoga brought a sense of balance, empowerment, and rest. She began teaching others what she learned. Even as a novice teacher, she witnessed how yoga can be therapeutic and regenerative to students of all ages and ability levels. Knowing that she could serve her students even better with formal training, she received her 200-hr and 300-hr certification from Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta.

As a yoga teacher, Erica’s goal is to guide students on the journey back to themselves and their divine nature; help students reconnect with their bodies, their breath, and healthy sense of Self; and promote healing and empowerment for students of all ages, ability levels, genders, and ethnicities to foster a diverse and welcoming yoga community in Cumming.

Tiffany Stephens, 200-RYT

Tiffany began practicing yoga on her own after a back injury in 2012. Her practice significantly deepened when her husband, Ryan, purchased a package of classes from Yoga Selah as a Christmas gift. “The rest is history,” as they say. Dedication to consistent yoga practice and continuous learning quickly commenced. She completed her 200-hour yoga training at Yoga Selah in 2017. In order to make space for love in each small moment, Tiffany uses her practice to attend to her mind, body, and spirit. She focuses on sequences that keep the body strong, lively, and free of tension. Tiffany is a clinically certified speech-language pathologist and loves spending time in nature with her husband and son.

Jana Rife, 200 E-RYT

Just like many of her students, Jana began practicing yoga to improve flexibility and relieve stress and anxiety. She combined that practice with her love of paddle boarding to help others experience yoga and stand-up paddleboarding’s incredible mind-body benefits, founding Hanalei SUP Yoga in 2015. She holds a 200-hour certification with Yoga Alliance, a SUP Yoga Certification from Lazy Dog Paddle Yoga in Key West, Florida, and has a World Paddle Association Level 1 Instructor Certification. Jana is also a Certified aromatherapist and often incorporates sensory experiences with essential oils in her mat-based yoga classes. She is currently continuing her education with a 300-hr certification at North Georgia Yoga Center.

Sally Ann Adair, 200-RYT

Sally Ann knew something had to change when her stress and anxiety became all-consuming. She began practicing yoga in 2013 and quickly realized the positive effects on her mind, spirit, and body. She finally found a way to help herself take control of her thoughts. With her yoga teacher training at Yoga Selah, she quit her high-stress job and took a leap of faith, deciding to do the two things in life that made her happiest: being a stay-at-home mom and teaching yoga. She practices at home with her toddler daughter on a regular basis and hopes to encourage busy caretakers to practice with their kids as well. It’s good for everyone involved.

Laura Joplin, 200 RYT

Laura discovered the healing power of yoga practice in 2013, amidst a particularly difficult struggle with anxiety. She found that yoga helped her to make space around the feelings of tightness that come along with anxiety, opening body, mind, and heart. She started teaching yoga at the University of West Georgia in 2014, eventually branching out to teach sports teams and members of the community. She became a student of Swami Jaya Devi in December 2015, and received her 200-hour classical yoga certification from Kashi Atlanta in September 2016. She’s working to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology, and will then go on to earn her master’s in social work. She hopes to integrate the healing practices of yoga and meditation into one-on-one therapy. Laura believes that yoga is our natural, blissful state, and that we engage in the practices to find our way back to that state. She has a deep passion for teaching, and her classes are all about making more space, physically and energetically. She believes that yoga is for everyone, and is passionate about the healing, transformative, and soul-igniting power of yoga practice.

Alison Muraski, 200-RYT


Although she had practiced yoga intermittently for years, Alison began to see movement differently when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune form of arthritis. After recommitting to a more consistent practice, she experienced dramatic improvements in her pain and stress management. Within a year, she enrolled in yoga teacher training, driven by a desire to promote yoga’s transformative effect on the body and mind.  Bringing 14 years as an educator and her yoga teacher training to her classes, she leads classes designed to enliven a more authentic relationship with the body, re-focus the mind, and cultivate the energetic spirit.

Alison Swindall, 200-RYT

Alison began her yoga journey as an expectant mom in 2013. She joined a prenatal yoga class and was amazed at how good she felt just in that one hour a week. Alison continued her yoga practice after the birth of her daughter and in December of 2015 earned a 200-hour certification from the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC. After teaching in Albuquerque, NM, she moved to Cumming with her family in 2016. Alison is looking forward to continuing to learn and grow with Yoga Selah and also hopes to continue her yoga education by working towards her 300-RYT later this year.

Tammy Johnson, 200-RYT

Tammy began practicing yoga 7 years ago as a way of finding some space in her life. The movements of asana were challenging yet mindful, and the practice became of place of peace where her mind could settle. Her to-do lists and mental chatter melted away on the mat. Tammy has been a physical therapist for 18 years, working with populations ranging from children to geriatric patients. Her yoga teaching—with its focus on alignment and specificity of muscular engagement—is a natural extension of her professional training.

Sam Giganti

Sam joins Yoga Selah with 15 years of experience in sports/clinical massage and ten years of experience teaching massage therapy in a clinical setting. Sam combines his expertise in massage with a love of anatomy to offer a hands-on, informative approach to teaching the human body. Through easy-to-understand descriptions and a focus on experiential learning, students get a thorough understanding of anatomy and biomechanics.

To schedule a massage, you can contact Sam at: