Rebecca Trussell, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Owner/Senior Instructor

Rebecca has been naturally drawn to a “yoga” practice all her life, although she’d never heard of moving meditation. As a young adult, she used her morning runs to quiet her mind, to practice being present, and to pray. Her yoga practice began simply—with incorporating sun salutations into her morning routine. After practicing on her own and noting the physical benefits, she wanted to learn more. In 2009 she completed her first 200-hour teacher training. She completed pre-natal yoga teaching certification in 2010, a 300-hour teacher certification in 2013, a 100-hour Body of Light immersion in 2014, and in 2016 completed her second 200-hour training to be a certified Yogahour® instructor. She is a graduate of the Living School at the Center for Action and Contemplation, which teaches contemplative practices and faith from the Christian mystical tradition. Rebecca is currently pursuing a M.S. in Yoga Therapy alongside a second 300-hour certification at the Maryland University Of Integrative Health.

Taylor Trussell, PhD, LAPC, E-RYT 500, Owner/Senior Instructor


After numerous trips to Asia to study yoga and meditation, Taylor received his first 200-hour teacher training from Himalaya Valley Yoga in India and then taught in Goa, India. After returning to the U.S., Taylor began studying with Noah Mazé, earning his second 200-hour certification in 2015, and his 300-hour certification in 2016. He has also been accepted into Noah’s emissary program. Taylor holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and an M.S. in somatic psychology where his work focuses on the psychotherapeutic benefits of yoga. Taylor’s classes combine a challenging physical practice with alignment principles to foster a deeper awareness and greater focus.

Tiffany Stephens, RYT 500, Senior Instructor

Tiffany’s classes reflect her passion for helping others foster harmony in their bodies. Her poised and soothing nature provide a welcoming  environment for learning. As an artist and former speech-language pathologist, she brings creativity and clear communication into her teaching. She began her practice studying under Rebecca and Taylor Trussell and in 2017 completed her 200-hour training at Yoga Selah. She completed her 300-hour training with a focus on Yogahour® from Tough Love Yoga under the guidance of Neda Honarvar. Tiffany is dedicated to a life of practice and demonstrates skills and knowledge in alignment based yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation. An accomplished potter and artist, she weaves mindfulness and and yogic practices into her creations. You can find Tiffany’s artwork at www.tiffanystephensart.com.

Laura Joplin, RYT 200, Senior Instructor

Laura ‘Tara Devi’ Joplin is a certified yoga instructor who has been studying the practice since 2013 and teaching throughout Georgia and in the online space since 2014. She completed her 200-hour training through Kashi Atlanta’s classical yoga training program in 2016 and has been teaching at Yoga Selah since 2017. As a yoga student, devotee, and teacher, Laura offers a practice space to allow a deep experience of connection with the breath as the foundation of the practice. She believes that yoga should be accessible and empowering for all, and her classes focus on safety, integrity, adaptability, and intelligent alignment. Her creative sequencing and workshop-style learning feature breath practices and meditative techniques to ground practitioners into the inner awareness central to yoga. In addition to her work as a yoga and meditation teacher, Laura works as a social media strategist and is completing a master’s degree of clinical social work at Florida State University in pursuit of a career in mindfulness-based psychotherapy. 

Tammy Johnson, RYT 200

Tammy began practicing yoga over a decade ago as a way of finding some space in her life. The movements of asana were challenging yet mindful, and the practice became of place of peace where her mind could settle. Her to-do lists and mental chatter melted away on the mat. Tammy has been a physical therapist for 18 years, working with populations ranging from children to geriatric patients. Her yoga teaching—with its focus on alignment and specificity of muscular engagement—is a natural extension of her professional training.

Mandy Northrop, RYT 200

As a young adult, Mandy suffered from seizures. She was unhappy with the side effects from the medication used to control the seizures and began to search for more natural ways of treatment. This search led her to yoga, and she credits her practice as an influence that has helped her remain seizure free. Mandy found that yoga helped her connect with her breath and gain a deeper awareness of her body. Her passion to cultivate a personal practice grew into a desire to share the benefits and love for the practice with others. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Mandy is specialized in restorative and yin yoga and is currently working on her advanced 300-hour certification.

Aubree Evans, RYT 200

Erica Rascon, RYT 500

In a new marriage with a new house, new career venture, and new responsibilities, Erica didn’t have an effective way to manage stress. Her brain refused to shut off at night and her entire body felt tense. Yoga brought a sense of balance, empowerment, and rest. She began teaching others what she learned. Even as a novice teacher, she witnessed how yoga can be therapeutic and regenerative to students of all ages and ability levels. Knowing that she could serve her students even better with formal training, she received her 200-hr and 300-hr certification from Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta.

As a yoga teacher, Erica’s goal is to guide students on the journey back to themselves and their divine nature; help students reconnect with their bodies, their breath, and healthy sense of Self; and promote healing and empowerment for students of all ages, ability levels, genders, and ethnicities to foster a diverse and welcoming yoga community in Cumming.